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All the praise belongs to Allah, the sovereign. This book “Allah” is written by my dearest student Dr. Shakir Sayyed, he is one of the talented student. It gave me immense pleasure to write few words about Dr. Shakir and his work. When I was reading his book, I realised it could be definitely useful to the any person who wants to decipher, “who is Allah or God?, irrespective of cast and creed. And those who are unable to read Arabic. He has mentioned verbatim translation of Quranic verses and took special precaution not to mix it with own understanding. I have checked this book from first to last page that helped me to revise myself to remind my fate and returning journey towards Allah. That really boosted my faith with more inclination to obey his commandment and path of our beloved messenger Muhammed (sa). The simple definition of Allah or God mentioned in all the holy scripture of existent religion and especially “the Quran”.I.e. “Allah or God is the only one, no one is similar to him, he is self sufficient, He neither begets nor begotten, He is alive and eternal, He arranges all the affairs, He is the only creator, sustainer and destroyer of everything. He watches every thing you conceal or reveal. He has no image.

Prof. Dr. Abdulsattar Nuruddin Antule Dapoli Madical College


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